Manipal Marathon 2020 09 February 2020 Manipal Marathon 2020 09 February 2020 Manipal Marathon 2020 09 February 2020
MANIPAL marathon 2020 09 February 2020

Manipal Marathon

Manipal Marathon is an annual marathon, which is held in the scenic town of Manipal. Manipal Marathon provides its runners, an ultimate road running experience by giving the runners a breathtaking journey through the hilly terrain of Manipal and Udupi. 9th February, 2020 will be the fourth iteration of the event, and since the first edition, the enthusiasm of Manipalites has grown leaps and bounds.

Unlike any other marathon, Manipal marathon is a completely student led event. The aim of the marathon is to celebrate the joy of running and help inculcate it among students, who shall be the future pioneers of their respective fields and give talented individuals a platform to showcase their abilities. The various categories, being full marathon (42.195k), half marathon (21.098k), 10k, 5k and 3k have been carefully devised in order to fit into every runner’s capability, be it a beginner or a professional.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is synonymous with excellence in higher education. Over 28,000 students from 57 different nations live, learn and play in the sprawling University town, nestled on a plateau in Karnataka’s Udupi district. It also has nearly 2500 faculty and almost 10000 other support and service staff, who cater to the various professional institutions in health sciences, engineering, management, communication and humanities which dot the Wi-Fi- enabled campus.

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